Where Is The Best Cost-Effective Beach Resort In Europe

You will found Sunny Beach is the cheapest beach resort in Balkan countries, if you read the Post Office Travel Money Holiday Costs Barometer. Post Office Travel Money ranked Sunny Beach as the best-value beach resort in recent years, this could be the most affordable beach-break place for most people, where a bottle of beer costs just 70p.

In this year, Sunny Beach is much cheaper than any years before 2012.

Well, you can find the second cost-effective beach resort in Algarve, Portugal, and the third place Costa del Sol in Spain, where an evening meal cost £26.81 and £28.61.

The Most Expensive Beach Resort

You will also find the most expensive beach resort is Ibiza, where cost you about £3 for a bottle of beer, and nearly £3.5 for a glass of wine, evening meal is much expensive, £66.

You will find a big difference in price even in the same country, some place is much cheaper than the others.

However, the reason why Sunny Beach becomes the most cost-effective resort is, meal cost your nearly a quarter of costs in other place,such as in Italy, when you get the same beach feeling.

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