Amsterdam Club Guide For Newbies

If you are new to Amsterdam and want to get into local night life and dance with local people, may be I can give you some names, but first of all – don’t be shy.

Best clubs in Amsterdam

these clubs are chosen by experts which are professional in club music and producers.


The entrance of Shelter is a underground hatch lead to underground party,where you can spend your 24 hours of a day till tomorrow morning, although the light is weak ,you can still recognize who is on your side.

De Marktkantine

There are many kind of program in De Marktkantine, and the impressive point of this club is the balcony, it is very large that you can see everything of the stage. in this club ,you feel free.

De School

It is a club, but it is a restaurant, too, you can get your body and your mouth lost here. And the garden, it is a amazing place to enjoy the summer night.


Yes , it was a factory which made sugar few years ago, but you can still feel sweet there. the people here are very embracing and lovely.


The space of OT301 is not always enough for you, but the music there is always better, sounds it has history and famous people celebrate anniversary recently.


This is a gay club first, and only Thursday is for everyone. and this is the only club that you can pee when you are dancing, because the DJ booth is next to the toilet.

Of course there are many other crazy clubs in Amsterdam waiting for you to discover. Enjoy them!